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Baby Sleep & Teething

Updated: Sep 21, 2023


In a baby’s first 2+ years of life, they cut 16 teeth! That’s no easy task ☹

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Common teething symptoms

●     Red and swollen gums

●     Increased biting or sucking to soothe

●     Fussiness

●     Some disrupted sleep

●     Not as hungry

●     Rash around their mouth from drooling

●     Mild elevated temperature Does teething affect sleep?

Many parents think teething is the reason their child has disrupted sleep. Yes, it can cause them pain, discomfort and tummy issues. But, a child who has good sleep habits established, and is NOT sleep deprived, will all around manage teething much easier.

Just because your child has a tooth coming in does not mean you have to abandon your habits and routine. Sticking to the routine, will signal to them that nothing is wrong! It will help them feel more secure that Mom and Dad know what’s best.

If your child is otherwise a good sleeper, then hold them to that even when teething. Studies show that symptoms associated with teething consistently occur only on 1-2 days before a tooth erupts, and the day after (Pediatrics, August 2011 Prospective Longitudinal Study of Signs and Symptoms Associated with Primary Tooth Eruption)

There are actionable things you can do even when your baby is teething or cutting teeth! Some mild sleep disturbances can come with teething. It may be more painful at night because they feel those symptoms more when there are fewer distractions, and they’re also tired! Incorporating your bedtime routine and following age appropriate wake windows will help your baby drift off to sleep easier and sleep well overnight.

Best remedies for teething baby

Try these at home remedies to help your little one feel more comfortable during waking hours!

+ Refrigerated teething rings

+ Cold wash cloth. Try mixing breast milk or formula to increase interest

+ Bland foods to help combat belly upset

+ Recommended dosage of ibuprofen under supervision of a pediatrician

AUTHOR: Lindsay Loring is a certified pediatric sleep consultant and owner of Tweet Dreamzz. Lindsay is certified through The Family Sleep Institute and has completed studies in baby and toddler sleep, as well as breastfeeding support and SIDS Awareness. You can find Lindsay providing expert sleep tips on Instagram and she does a free Q & A every Friday!

Sleep is a passion of Lindsay's, and she truly believes it makes up the groundwork of a family's dynamic. Through her personalized coaching, Lindsay designs plans that will ensure the success of the child according to the family's goals. To learn more about Lindsay, visit her at:

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