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Your Expert Source for Pediatric Sleep Consulting

Welcome to Tweet Dreamzz! Is sleep a constant struggle in your home? Is your child only taking 30 minute naps, or no naps at all? I truly understand the frustration that is felt when you don't know how to help your child get the sleep they need.  As a fully certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I am here to help you, and your loved ones, get back on track with consistent and restorative sleep. If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed, I will show you how to move forward in a mindful manner to achieve the results and goals that are specific to you!



Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Fully-certified since 2019 by the Family Sleep Institute, I am more excited than ever to assist families all across the country achieve better, restorative sleep. Sleep truly is a passion of mine, and I believe that every family is capable of achieving their goals and restoring balance in their household.



One & Two-week sleep plans available 

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Lindsay saved us! We were up every 45 minutes to an hour for the first 7 months of my son’s life. We had no schedule or routine and we’re struggling to stay afloat and sane. After working with Lindsay for two weeks, we had a schedule that worked for us and our son! And he now sleeps 12 hours straight at night! I feel like Lindsay’s sleep training saved our sanity beyond words. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My son is much happier now too!

Kathryn Jackson- Mom of 6-month old


O'Fallon, IL 62269