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We provide one-on-one sleep support that will help your child take GREAT naps and sleep through the night.

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Hi! I'm Lindsay

Twin Mama & sleep expert.

Sleep has always been important to me. I have, throughout my life, consciously made sleep a priority for my health and well being.


Once I welcomed my twin girls into the world - that choice flew out the window! The first several months we lived in pure survival mode.

It was then that I realized - there had to be a solution- a way to get more sleep, because we were hanging on by a thread.

Enter Sleep Consulting - I've done all the research and read all the blogs and even became certified as the expert. I did all the midnight Googling so YOU don't have to.

I can show you how to have predictable sleep routines!

Lindsay is very experienced as a twin Mom and has worked with over 50 sets of twins to date!

How do we help you?

Sleep training can be overwhelming, emotional and plain exhausting. Trying to figure out how to get your baby to sleep can be like trying to solve a puzzle with too many pieces. Tweet Dreamzz is your key to solving that puzzle. Put down the books that you've tried to read and instead of Googling 'more sleep' at 3AM, let us help. 

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What Well Rested Parents Say

My daughter has always been a horrible sleeper. She never once slept through the night and would only nap if someone was holding her or if she was laying in bed with me. In only a couple day of working with Lindsay, my daughter was sleeping in her crib all through the night without a pacifier and even napping in her crib during the day! 

Ronda T. - Mom of 21-month old

We were up every 45 minutes to an hour for the first 7 months of my son’s life. We had no schedule or routine and were struggling to stay afloat and sane. After working with Lindsay for two weeks, we had a schedule that worked for us and our son! And he now sleeps 12 hours straight at night!  

Kathryn J. - Mom of 6-month old

Our 2 1/2 year old who was a terrible sleeper, multiple wake ups, no naps.  Our child now goes to bed at a set bedtime, sleeps through the night, and stays quietly in his room until we get him in the morning! 

Jennifer R. - Mom of 2.5 year old

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