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How to transition out of the Magic Merlin Sleepsuit

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Our top tips on transitioning baby from Magic Merlin Sleepsuit

to a sleep sack

It goes without saying that the Magic Merlin sleep suit is a favorite at Tweet Dreamzz. Both of Lindsay's twins and Stellina's twins were fan favorites!

Stellina's twins in the magic sleepsuit

In this article, Stellina is sharing her experience with the "magic" sleepsuit!

With all 3 of my children, I utilized the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit. The “Magic Merlin” is a swaddle transition product – meaning it should be introduced when your child is transitioning out of the swaddle (typically around 3 months old).

It’s a great product for so many reasons. It allows your baby to still feel snuggled like they were in a swaddle, however it gives them enough freedom to move their arms and legs, while allowing them the ability to use their hands for soothing.

It also lessens their moro reflex, also known as their “startle reflex”. Not to mention how adorable they look while wearing the suit!

Reasons to Transition Out of the Magic Merlin Sleepsuit

1. Once the fit is too small/tight

2. Once your baby is showing signs of attempting to roll in the suit

3. Once your baby can physically roll IN the Magic Merlin you MUST stop use immediately for safety purposes.

4. Read up on the founders safety tips when using the sleepsuit.

Options to drop the Magic Merlin Sleepsuit

Gradual method

Keep the Merlin for naps and transition into a sleep sack for the first time at bedtime.

Do this for a week and then transition to using only a sleep sack.

The hope is that your baby will not be overtired due to potential nap protests because of an abrupt change from what they are used to.

*To be used if your child has not rolled in the Merlin yet

Cold turkey method

Just what is sounds like.

Simply switch to a sleep sack of choice.

You may see a sleep regression here, but it should be rather short lived, especially if your baby has already learned independent sleep skills.

The sleep regression may occur because the Magic Merlin has become a sleep prop for your baby, and they will need to get used having more freedom in their crib.

My Experience Transitioning out of the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit

I have experienced transitioning my own 3 babies out of the Magic Merlin sleep suit.

I recently transitioned my six-month-old son from the Magic Merlin, into the Hudson Baby long sleeve sleep sack. With my son, it was a forced transition, since he rolled in the Magic Merlin sleep suit.

One night, I looked at the monitor, and there he was, laying on his belly. I knew from that moment, I had to make the switch. The team at Magic Sleepsuit is dedicated on safety, so again, if you have questions about safe sleep while wearing the suit, visit their site to learn more!

I was anxious about making this transition because I knew he relied heavily on the Merlin for uninterrupted sleep. It had become part of our routine, and it certainly lessened his startle reflex.

Also, he was still unable to roll from belly to back during the day. He would constantly get “stuck” in tummy time, no matter how much I practiced during the day, or worked with him on how to roll back over onto his back.

With that being said, I am happy to report that it has now been 2 weeks since transitioning him out of the Magic Merlin and he’s doing great! I kept a record of what happened in those first few days/nights.

Our Transition out of the Merlin sleep suit

Day 1: Bedtime

It took him 40 minutes to fall asleep at night. He could definitely tell that he was not in the Magic Merlin anymore. He did get “stuck” on his belly, but instead of intervening immediately, I gave him some time to figure it out. He eventually fell asleep on his side.

He woke two times throughout the night 1AM & 3AM (likely since he had the freedom to roll), however he did put himself back to sleep!

Ultimately, he woke up and was out of his crib 30 minutes earlier than normal.

Day 2: Naps

It took him 20 minutes to fall asleep for each nap.

There was definitely some protest in the form of crying, however ultimately, he fell asleep on his belly.

His naps were shorter than normal, but he still slept so that was a win in my book!

Day 2: Bedtime

A much smoother night! He fell asleep much faster than night 1.

It seemed like the “novelty” of being able to roll/being in a sleep sack had worn off.

He did spend a few minutes rolling around; however, he ultimately fell asleep in 20 minutes without much protest.

Day 2: Naps

Naps were still a bit challenging, and it took him longer to fall asleep than it used to in the Merlin.

This is likely due to the fact that naps are simply just HARDER than night time sleep. He didn’t have melatonin on his side to help him fall asleep.

All in all, he did take his naps, but they weren’t as “heavy” as his usual Merlin naps.

Day 3: Bedtime out of the merlin sleep suit

Excellent night! He was definitely used to his sleep sack at this point. It seemed that he enjoyed the extra freedom of being able to decide his position of comfort.

He also miraculously learned how to roll from belly to back now! If a baby is strong enough to roll onto their belly at night, it is safe for them to sleep in that position, however, it did give me comfort seeing that he DID in fact learn this skill. Yay!

Day 3: Naps

I decided to shift his schedule a bit and offer his naps a bit later than I previously was doing.

I did this as an effort to increase sleep pressure.

Since he was out of the Merlin, I knew I needed to make sure his schedule was perfect, and that he was indeed tired enough to fall asleep on his own since he did not have the added help from the Merlin.

His naps were better on day 3.

He did still spend some extra time rolling around in his crib, however, it’s important to remember that time in the crib is STILL restful even if your baby isn’t sleeping the whole time (especially if they are happy!)

Baby in magic merlin sleepsuit

Baby Federico in the Magic Merlin's Sleepsuit for the last time!

Best Tips during the transition from Merlin Sleepsuit to sleep sack

  • Once your baby can roll in the Magic Merlin, they are developmentally ready for more freedom. Don’t overthink it. They are showing you what they are capable of.

  • Don’t underestimate what your baby can do in his/her crib alone when given the time and space! Federico wouldn’t roll over during the day, but after a few nights of practice in his crib (by himself), he became a pro!

  • Try not to compare your babies transition out of the Magic Merlin sleep suit to another child’s transition. One of my twins had a very difficult time transitioning out of the Merlin. Her transition took about a week to settle. Because of my prior experience, I automatically thought my son would also have a difficult transition out of the Merlin into a sleep sack. Luckily, I was wrong, and I was reminded to not compare my children because they are all so different (especially when it comes to sleep!)

  • Don't overthink the next sleep sack. Our favorites around here are the Hudson Baby sleep sack, the Zipadee Zip & Halo sleeveless cotton sleep sack.

You can find these all linked at on our baby must-haves shopping list.

Stellina Ferri is the author of this article.

Stellina is a certified pediatric sleep consultant and mom to three. She finds joy each day spreading her wealth of knowledge to tired families. If your little one struggles to sleep soundly, don't hesitate to reach out to me. OR Book your free evaluation call today!

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