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How Much Sleep Does Your Pre-Schooler Need?

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

The answer, is sadly not that much!

As a sleep consultant, I get asked a lot about how much sleep pre-schoolers need. And honestly, it's not as straightforward as you might think. But don't worry, I'm here to break it down for you.

In this blog post, we'll talk about how much sleep your little one needs, and why it's so important for their health and development.

Sleep Recommendations for Pre-Schoolers:

So, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, pre-schoolers aged 3-5 years old need between 10-13 hours of sleep per day. And that includes naps, which are still super important at this age. But keep in mind, every kiddo is different, so some may need more or less sleep than others.

Benefits of Adequate Sleep For Your Child:

Now, let's talk about why it's so important for your little one to get enough sleep in the first place!

First off, it helps them do better in school, improves their mood and behavior, and supports their physical growth and development. And, fun fact, sleep actually plays a big role in the consolidation of memories, which is super important for learning and retaining information.

Signs of Sleep Deprivation:

If your pre-schooler isn't getting enough sleep, you might start to notice some signs of sleep deprivation. Think irritability, difficulty concentrating, hyperactivity, and fatigue. If you do notice these signs, it might be time to adjust their sleep schedule (we've got a handy free-one on our site!) and make sure they're getting the right amount of sleep.

So, there you have it.

Pre-schoolers aged 3-5 years old need between 10-13 hours of sleep per day, including naps.

Getting enough sleep is super important for your little one's health and development, and can really help them do their best in school and feel good overall.

And hey, if you're worried about your child's sleep habits, don't hesitate to reach out to a professional sleep consultant like the certified experts at here Tweet Dreamzz.

Lindsay Loring is a certified pediatric sleep consultant who is passionate about sleep. Lindsay has helped many families restore sleep balance in their home after a birth of a child.

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