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Why Should You Hire a Sleep Consultant?

As sleep consultants, we have the experience and training to recognize what your child’s sleep challenges are therefore allowing us to build a personalized plan of action. When it comes to sleep training, there is no “one size fits all approach”.  Your families’ specific circumstances and situation need to be considered.

At Tweet Dreamzz Sleep Consulting, not only do we create a personalized plan for you and your family, but we also hold your hand through implementing that plan. We check in on you daily, ensure you are following the plan correctly and we are there to make any changes necessary to the plan to ensure success!

Hiring a sleep consultant allows you to step back and allow an expert to guide you through the process of sleep training.

Are Sleep Consultants Worth It?

It is worth it to hire a sleep consultant because your consultant will guide you down a path of consistency.

Consistency is KEY with sleep training, and we are here to support you through making changes in your child’s sleep to meet your family’s goals. Changing habits surrounding your child’s sleep can be difficult – that is why sleep consultants exist!  Baby sleep is complicated, and you are tired. There is no doubt about that. Instead of continuously Googling or asking your best friends moms’ cousin what worked for her child, hire an expert to take it off your plate.

Hiring a Tweet Dreamzz Sleep Consultant

At Tweet Dreamzz, we offer free, 15-minute discovery calls to get to know you and talk through the challenges you are facing with your baby or toddler’s sleep. At the end of the call, you will understand how we can help you.

These are just some examples of what a sleep consultant does:

  • Help you drop a prop like a pacifier or bottle.

  • Teach you how to help your baby sleep through the night.

  • Moving your baby to their crib.

  • Correct short naps and early morning wakes.

  • So much more!

If you are struggling with these issues and are not sure where to start or how to start, a sleep consultant can be a good fit for you!

It’s okay if you feel like you’ve tried everything. Let us investigate if we can help by booking a free discovery call with either Lindsay or Stellina.

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

After speaking with us on the phone, you will leave having all your questions answered and thrilled to find out that with good sleep for your family is in your future!

Can’t I Just Find the Answers on the Internet?

Hiring a sleep consultant is not a luxury. You may be returning to work and dead tired on your feet. You may be feeling like your baby isn’t getting the sleep they need, and you are unsure of what to do. The thought of making heads or tails of the information online is just another thing that is causing you to feel overwhelmed.

When you hire a sleep consultant, you can stop Googling and reading wake window charts. An expert sleep consultant can step in and show you the roadmap to your child’s sleep, which in turn allows the entire family to sleep better.

Googling at 2AM “Why won’t my twins sleep”, “How do I get Twins on a Schedule” & “Why is my baby taking only 30-minute naps?” can be a thing of the past when you hire a sleep consultant. At Tweet Dreamzz, we hope to be a long-term lifeline when it comes to your child’s sleep habits.

The truth is that there IS a lot of information out there on babies and toddler sleep (or any topic for that matter)! If you look hard enough, you will find the answer to pretty much anything on the internet. Will it be the right answer though? Or the right answer for you and your specific situation is the question? That remains to be seen.

It is very easy to go down a rabbit hole on Google. As a parent, you want to educate yourself on a top as much as possible. Certain topics feel more urgent, like sleep, and other topics you may read about when you have time. Some parents can easily implement small tidbits of advice they read and see success, but many cannot. Especially if you have twins, multiple children, hectic work schedules, and other variables specific to your family.

If you can Google what you’re looking for, find the answer and be successful – congratulations to you! Some parents just need to find the right schedule and then their kiddos sleep just falls into place. Some parents are OK with their children waking through the night, co-sleeping, or consistently waking in the early morning hours – and that is all completely FINE if that is what you want. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired of Googling constantly, tired of practicing trial and error when it comes to schedules and routines – look no further and hire a sleep consultant.


The Benefits of Hiring a Sleep Consultant

It is true that at Tweet Dreamzz Sleep Consulting our job IS pediatric sleep consulting. However, it is not only our job – it is our true passion in life. We love nothing more than working with tired parents and helping them achieve their specific goals. Whether it be a set of 4-month-old twins that have their days and nights confused, a 9-month-old singleton still taking 4 naps and waking multiple times throughout the night or a 3-year-old who has just transitioned to a bed and now causing lots of bedtime battles. Whatever situation is thrown our way, we are ready to put on our detective hats and create a plan that will work for your family in matter of two weeks or less. Don’t believe me? Just go ahead and check out our reviews!

If you’re unsure where to start, you’re unhappy with your child’s sleep, nothing you’ve tried in the past has worked and you are ready to make a change, go ahead and schedule a free discovery call with a sleep consultant at Tweet Dreamzz.

We would be more than happy to chat with you and get you on the path to success!

Stellina Ferri is the author of this article. She is a Boston area sleep consultant who helps families worldwide.

As a sleep consultant with Tweet Dreamzz, Stellina is here to help you navigate your baby’s sleep and show you how a sleep consultant can truly be worth every penny!


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