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How to use your HSA/FSA funds for sleep training.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Did you know that sleep consulting services are HSA and FSA eligible? Sleep training is covered by insurance when you have access to a health savings account provided by your employers particular insurance plan.

That’s right!

What is an HSA: Health Savings Plan?

More and more employers these days are moving to a high-deductible HSA/FSA health insurance plan. That means that typically at the beginning of each year, you are given seed money towards your deductible. In addition to the money your employer gives your family, you are also about to contribute to that account each paycheck. And the best part? That money doesn't expire! Most HSA plans are managed by a money management company and will have thresholds on when you can invest the money. Otherwise, it will sit in cash waiting to be used for doctors visits, medications or to hire a sleep consultant.

What is an FSA: Flexible Spending Account?

On the contrary, an FSA DOES expire and is typically more limited than an HSA. Your bank card attached to the account only allows purchases for item/services that are coded to be accepted. Other types of purchases will need to be submitted for reimbursement, such as a sleep consultant.

Either type of account is eligible to be used for sleep consulting services because as a sleep consultant, my main goal is to address sleep deprivation, sleep hygiene and sleep environment which are all allowable within the health savings plan that you have.

How to use your FSA/HSA funds for Sleep Training

I make the process easy to utilize these funds. I have my invoices coded to reflect that the expense is eligible. So, all you have to do it pay with the debit/credit card that is linked to the account and SAVE your invoice. For an HSA account, keeping the receipt is all you need to do in case of audit. For FSA, you may need to submit the invoice via your your health savings portal and wait for reimbursement.

So, instead of buying two cartfuls of band-aids at the drug store, think again about how that money can benefit your family in the form of sleep training.

I am so happy that employers are recognizing that working Moms and Dads need sleep to return to work. How else are we expected to function and be productive?! They recognize that sleep deprivation is a thing for new parents... about time!

It's simple. My invoices and services are coded to be eligible as an expense. You literally don't have to do anything different! Keep a copy of my invoice should your tax records need it and use your FSA/HSA credit or debit card to pay online. Easy peasy!

If this sounds like something your family needs (sleep). Book your FREE evaluation call with one of our sleep consultants here

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