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A Guide to an Easy Twin Nursery Setup

Welcoming twins into your family is an exhilarating and joyous experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges, especially when it comes to setting up a nursery that caters to the needs of two unique babies. The key to a successful twin nursery setup lies in focusing on essential elements that ensure safety, comfort, and peace of mind for both the babies and the parents. We’ll go over four fundamental components that should impact your registry and product checklist when planning or investing in your twins' nursery.


1. Two Convertible Cribs


The main investment of any nursery is, undoubtedly, the crib. And that’s right, you will ned two. When you have twins, buying convertible cribs from the start is a game-changer. These cribs not only provide a secure and safe sleeping environment for your babies, but also adapt as your twins grow. Opting for a convertible style crib allows you to seamlessly transition from the infant stage to the toddler years, saving you the hassle and cost of purchasing new beds down the line. It’s our recommendation to buy ALL the transitional pieces that come with your cribs. If you wait 2-3 years to purchase the kits, they are often times discontinued.


Safety standards should be non-negotiable, so choose cribs that meet or exceed regulatory guidelines and use them according to the AAP safe sleep guidelines recently updated in June 2021. Your babies should sleep in a crib that is flat, firm with no loose bedding, clothing or added sleep positioners.



Gender Neutral Twin nursery


2. Double Baby Monitor


A double baby monitor is a twin parent's best friend and everyone has one these days. In the beginning, we recommend not to go with Wi-Fi at first in case the connection should be lost for any reason. Once your twins are older, you can move to a Wi-Fi, home security type camera to ensure their safety.

Keeping an eye on both infants simultaneously provides an unparalleled sense of reassurance. You can find one that is split screen, or routinely toggles back and forth between cameras. In the market, you'll find a range of baby monitors, each with unique features, specifications and reviews. For a twin nursery setup, opt for a non-WiFi, double-screen camera system. Buy an extra charging cord as this seems to be what will break first, and not the monitor itself.


These monitors typically come equipped with split-screen capabilities, allowing you to monitor both cribs simultaneously. A non-WiFi system minimizes potential security risks and ensures a reliable connection. Look for monitors with high-resolution cameras, infrared night vision, and two-way communication features, facilitating real-time interaction with your twins.


Investing in a quality double baby monitor not only enhances your ability to monitor your babies but also contributes to your peace of mind, allowing you to navigate parenthood with confidence. Having 24/7 eyes on our children come with its positives and negatives. Try to step away when needed and don’t hover too much or stress yourself out if your babies are safe in their beds.



3. Sound Machine


Twins sharing a room can create a a layer of variables that aren’t relevant with a singleton. Most twins parent’s biggest fear is them waking each other up! We can 100% relate with that sentiment, so a sound machine, such as the versatile Hatch, should be a tool you are using to preserve your twins’ sleep. Sound machines not only drown out ambient noise but also establish a consistent and soothing auditory environment for your twins. Using a sound machine at a safe-level and on a setting like white, pink or brown noises can reduce the time it takes your twins to fall asleep, and protects the restorative, deep sleep they need to be rested.


The Hatch, for example, offers customizable settings, allowing you to adjust volume levels and create specific sleep programs tailored to your babies' sleep routines.


Favorite sound machine for twin nursery


4. Blackout Curtains


Toddlers are notorious for their unpredictable sleep patterns as they gain more awareness and need for independence. This is why a dark room is very important when preserving their nap routine, for example. Blackout curtains like the SleepOut Portable Curtain are an essential element in your twin nursery setup toolkit. Use code tweetdreamzz for 10% off your purchase!

These curtains not only block out sunlight, creating a dark and cozy atmosphere, but also serve as a visual cue for nap and bedtime. Most curtains sold as blackout, will let more light in than you want. The recommendation here is to layer these curtains first and then put your decorative curtains overtop. No one will ever know, and your twins will have a dark, cool room to nap in.


Investing in high-quality blackout curtains ensures that your twins' sleep isn't disrupted by external light sources, fostering better nap times, and reducing chances of waking too early in the morning. As your twins’ transition from infants to toddlers, the darkened environment becomes even more critical, helping them associate darkness with sleep and promoting healthy sleep habits. Toddlers are curious and adventurous. They may want to play, fight or interact with each other! Keeping the room as dark as possible will help reduce these behaviors.


Blackout Curtains for twin nursery


As twin sleep consultants, we know the importance of creating a twin nursery setup with consideration to safety and practicality. Twins are unique individuals who are going through a shared experience, and as moms to twins, we very much understand that!


Remember these four things when setting up your twin's nursery:

  •       Convertible cribs

  •       Double baby monitors

  •       Quality Sound machines

  •       Blackout curtains

These items will help you form the foundation of a successful sleep environment for your twins. By investing in these key elements, you're not only prioritizing your babies' well-being but also setting the stage for a more manageable and enjoyable parenting journey.


Lindsay Loring is the author of this article. Lindsay has had the pleasure of working with over 150 sets of twins on the journey to safe & predictable sleep patterns. Your twins nursery deserves your thoughtful investment to allow for great nap time routines and easy bedtimes with your twins. If you are looking for specific help with your twins’ sleep routines, don’t hesitate to reach out to Lindsay at

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