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10 Recommendations for Twin Specific Products

Having two babies at once means you need to be a little bit more prepared when it comes to how your babies will eat, sleep, play and leave the house. I found that having the right gear made it easier for me to accomplish tasks throughout the day. We’d love to hear what twin products you swear by. Leave us your recommendations by sending us a DM on Instagram!

A Compact Twin Stroller – It goes without saying that your stroller will be your best friend when you have twins.  There are plenty of strollers on the market that can “grow with your child”. These types of strollers allow you to transition from attaching the car seats, bassinets & toddler seats to one universal base. Although, I can see the utility in this design, I found that the stroller I originally purchased came with A LOT of pieces (bassinets, toddler seats, multiple kinds of wheels and canopies). It was extremely bulky and barely fit into my trunk! Once my twins could sit up and were a bit less fragile (around 5/6 months), I found myself wanting to take them on walks, but I didn’t feel like lugging around a stroller that took a lot of effort to pack and unpack. Enter the Dream On Me Volgo Twin Umbrella Stroller . This stroller is extremely compact and foldable. It rides smoothly and is an affordable option. My twins are almost 3 and we still use it from time to time as it can hold up to 40lbs per seat! I highly recommend this stroller as it is affordable, compact, and easy to assemble and use!

Dream on Me Volgo Twin Umbrella Stroller
Dream on Me Volgo Twin Umbrella Stroller


Feeding Pillow for Twins –  The Twin Z Pillow is probably the most recommended twin product out there. My twins spent a countless amount of time in their Twin Z Pillow. It’s very useful for nursing or bottle feedings mothers alike. Just remember to always be present while your twins are using the pillow, and the pillow is not certified safe for sleep.


Large Play Mat- I highly suggest getting a large size play mat that can fit both twins. It offers a change of scenery and a safe place for them to roll around. I used this famous Fisher Price Rainforest Themed playmat for my twins. Pro tip – you can easily switch out the hanging toys every so often to make it even more exciting for them! 

Activity mat for twins
Twins doing floor time

Portable Bouncer Seats – Another item we invested in was 2 portable Baby Bjorn Bouncer Seats. My twins spent a lot of time in these from birth – 8 months old. We often traveled with these as they are compact and comfortable seats. I have vivid memories of my twins drinking their bottles in these seats as it became a convenient way to feed them. You can also purchase some hanging toy attachments to keep your little ones entertained while they bounce around in their stylish seats. 

Recommended products for twins
Twins using Baby Bjorn Bouncers


Activity Centers – Once the twins could roll around, we started to use the Joovy Skip Hop Activity Centers to keep them contained but entertained. I loved these because you can easily adjust the height to ensure your little one’s feet are touching the ground. These can also be transitioned into a toddler table after your twins outgrow the initial activity center use. Definitely register for two of these!


Portable Bath Seats – Bathing twins at the same time can pose to be a challenge and a safety concern. I found that using these portable bath seats made bath time a whole lot easier! These bath seats suction into the bathtub making them easy to use and transport in case you need an option for bathing at grandma’s house. At almost 3 years old, my twins are still sitting in these seats in the bathtub. The back support and containment factor allows me to feel more confident in bathing them together and by myself. Highly recommend! 


Light Car Seats for Twins- As a twin mom, I knew I would need a lot of help doing things; however, I wanted the option to do things by myself if I was feeling up for it. That’s why I purchased the lightest car seats on the market – The Nuna Pipa Lite. At just 6.9lbs, it makes it a little easier to carry two by yourself. 

Twins in lightweight carseats


Sound Machines – As sleep consultants and twin moms we are pro-white noise. Be sure to use it at a safe decibel and far enoug away from your child's bed. I found that placing this sound machine in between my twins’ cribs worked wonders for blocking out noises from outside as well as those inevitable noises they both made throughout the night. I purchased a few of these to use on the go as well. You can’t go wrong at such a great price!


Toddler Clock for Twin Toddlers- The sound machine and toddler clock that I love is the Hatch Rest. First or Second generation are both on the market and very similar, they’ve upgraded from Bluetooth to WIFI, and the App is very intuitive with program scheduling, etc. This is a must have product when converting to toddler beds with twins!

To access our FULL list of favorite products as moms to twins and sleep consultants, visit our Amazon Storefront.

At Tweet Dreamzz, we are a team of twin moms and sleep consultants dedicated to helping families with twins and multiples achieve better, predictable sleep with implementation of a schedule and routines the entire family will benefit from!

Find out more about our twin sleep offerings here!

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