• Lindsay Loring

How to use your HSA/FSA for sleep training

Updated: Jun 29

Did you know that my services are HSA and FSA eligible? That’s right! More and more employers these days are moving to a high-deductible HSA/FSA plan. That means that typically at the beginning of each year, you are given seed money towards your deductible. And, with an FSA, that money EXPIRES at the end of the year! So, instead of buying two cartfuls of band-aids at the drug store, think again about how that money can benefit your family.

I am so happy that employers are recognizing that working Moms and Dads need sleep to return to work. How else are we expected to function and be productive?! They recognize that sleep deprivation is a thing for new parents... about time!

It's simple. My invoices and services are coded to be eligible as an expense. You literally don't have to do anything different! Keep a copy of my invoice should your records need it and use your FSA/HSA credit or debit card to pay.

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