• Lindsay Loring

Daylight Savings Time is Ending!

Updated: Feb 4

I tend to get an influx of questions and S.O.S. messages this time of year!

"How do I handle the time change?!" "Won't it ruin my child's sleep?"

In short, try not to overthink it!

If your child is well rested and is generally not sensitive to change (1 hour), then I say follow the clock. On Sunday morning, the clock will say 6AM, but it really feels like 7AM to you and your child. Leave them in their room/bed until close to 7AM as possible, but if they are raring to go at 6AM, that's okay too.

It will make for a long morning and afternoon, so IF your child is melting before your eyes, put them down for their nap 30 minutes early. Then the same goes for bedtime; put them down 30 minutes early. You have a two-fold change working against you! The clocks have changed, AND you all have an extra 1-hour of awake time in the day. To combat this, always go conservative with early bedtime. Then you can just follow the clock starting Monday (following the time change), the early mornings should disappear and all will be well again!

Quick Tips:

+ If you have a child who is sensitive to change, continue with the early nap and bedtime for up to 3 days (30 minutes early).

+Preschoolers who can tell time on a digital clock could benefit from this trick!

Cover the minutes with electrical tape and set the clock forward by 30 minutes. This way when it reads 7AM they will have successfully waited for 30- minutes which is a win for everyone!

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